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Zoom 5011-02-00 Ethernet External Cable Modem Review

I bought this cable modem primarily because of the Cable Labs certification. Within 5 minutes of calling the cable company and giving them the MAC address, I was surfing the internet. Nothing to set – truly plug-and-play.

Product Feature

  • DOCSIS 1.0 compliant, CableLabs certified
  • Software upgradeable Media Access Control
  • Saves cable company equipment rental fees
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface
  • @Home approved

Zoom 5011-02-00 Ethernet External Cable Modem Overview

Zoom Telephonics offers a complete line of DOCSIS 1.1 hardware-based cable modems. Zoom CableModems feature a low-cost, highly integrated design and software upgradeable Media Access Control. All Zoom Cable Modems, in Ethernet, PCI and USB interface formats, are certified by CableLabs a highly respected, non-profit research and development consortium of cable television system operators.The Model 5011 is ExciteSM HomeSM Level 2 approved to meet the rigorous interoperability requirements of the HomeSM network. The Zoom CableModem Model 5011 is a DOCSIS 1.0 (Data Over Cable Interface Specification) compliant cable modem that is supported by cable systems around the world.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Cable Modem – John J Cheyney – Irving, Texas United States
I had a ZOOM USB dial up modem that I loved so I bought this one when I got my cable service. What can I say: you just hook it up and go. No drivers at all.

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