Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Rogers To Offer 6GB of Data For $30 With Optional iPad Sharing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agian – mobile data is getting more and more expensive as time goes on. First you have your normal smartphone, then you have tethering or a mobile hotspot/broadband modem, then you have your iPad, then you have your 3G connected netbook and you can see how some consumers data bills are ridiculously high. Luckily, Rogers Wireless has announced that they will be launching a new data plan of 6GB for $30 per month with a 3-year contract, of course.
This isn’t too out of the ordinary considering Bell just recently launched a similar plan but it gets better with the fact that consumers will be able to share this data between an iPhone and an iPad for $20 more a month.
Sure, it’s not the most ideal plan out there but it’s certainly better than some.
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