Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010

Leaked Verizon FiveSpot MiFi To Feature Dual CDMA/GSM Radios

A tipster within Verizon sent pictures of an unannounced new WiFi hotspot/MiFi to tech blog Engadget this past week. The “FiveSpot” as it’s called, won’t be just any Verizon hotspot – as its “Global Ready” with room for a GSM SIM Card and full UMTS (3G) support.
Verizon FiveSpot watermarekd
Not much was released about the “FiveSpot” other than it’s awesome name, some pictures, and the news that it’s global ready. I would imagine that it’ll be configured for European 3G bands only (2100 MHz), so don’t get any ideas about using this with a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card (although that would surely be awesome – Verizon probably doesn’t think so).
No idea on how much this would cost – but Verizon’s current mobile broadband offerings range in price from free (on the USB modem) to $80 for their existing USB global modem (both prices are with two-year contract).
Despite being a CDMA carrier, Verizon is pretty global-friendly. A number of their phones have room for SIM cards for international travel, and they offer “Global Ready” mobile internet devices already, but they’re only USB modems – not WiFi devices like this “FiveSpot” looks to be.
Nothing yet on pricing. We’ll keep you advised as soon as we hear more.
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