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What Everybody Should Know About Cable Modem

A system device that gives high-speed Internet access to your home via cable TV networks is generally known as cable modem. Cable modems are made to work over television lines, usually linked to the TV outlet for the transmission of cable TV. In order to have a fast access to the Internet, a cable modem is used.
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Cable modem comes as an internal, external or set-top box device. An external type of cable modem is a small with 2 cable connections, one to the cable wall outlet and the other being connected to a computer via a standard 10Base-T Ethernet card. An internal type of cable modem, on the other hand, is a PCI bus add-in card for a desktop PC. They can be used in desktop PCs only. Whilst the set-top box type is a cable modem in a cover that gives return channel through the plain old phone system.
Regular modems make use of a phone line to dial up and get connected to another modem. Cable modems connect a computer to an Internet service provider by translating the networks info therefore it can be handed back and forth within the cable channel. Cable modems can also be connected straight into your computer via a USB connection or a network card in your PC. A network card is some hardware that allows you to connect on a network. When a cable modem connection is made, it permits your computer to communicate with the cable modem. It will then serves as a normal modem in your computer. Simply turn the computer on. By having a cable modem, your connection is always on. Therefore, you don’t need to dial in. As your PC is on, you are connected to the Internet, instantly.
Cable modems vary in cost. Since there isn’t a universal standard for them, you will need to get a cable modem that works with your specific provider. There are several companies who are providing or have released cable modem products. They include: 3Com, Bay Networks, Com21, General Instrument, Hayes, Hybrid Networks, Motorola, NEC, New Media Communication, neighborhood, Scientific Atlanta, Terayon, Toshiba, U.S. Robotics and Zenith.
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