Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

T-Mobile outs Mac-ready Rocket 2.0 modem, HSPA+ phone plans

T-Mobile this morning gave its HSPA+ service a lift by adding a new modem and new coverage. The webConnect Rocket 2.0 is considerably sleeker than the original and adds a swiveling USB connector that can fit into the MacBook Air and other tight spaces. Accordingly, it improves on the earlier modems by having Mac support from the start and can provide both Macs and Windows PCs with microSDHC storage.
The carrier doesn't have pricing or ship dates but promises these in coming weeks.

Along with the modem, T-Mobile also said it plans to launch its first HSPA+ smartphone in a similarly indefinite timeframe. It didn't give clues, but it may be a variant on the HTC Vision dual-core Android phone.

The network itself is expanding and now has a much larger range of cities, some of which were seen earlier. The Texas cities of Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Waco now have the 21Mbps peak speed; Ohio also gets a large upgrade with Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton receiving upgrades. Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Greenville, Honolulu, Indanapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Portland and Wichita also have speed updates. Coverage has been improved in existing areas with more coverage in LA, New York and Washington, with cities in southern California, Maryland and North Carolina also getting further reach.


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