Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

Rumor: Verizon’s FiveSpot hotspot modem to launch next month along with 5GB of prepaid data for $80

More rumors on the Verizon front, this time they are dealing with prepaid data and the FiveSpot mobile hotspot modem. According to the details of the rumor, both are expected to come available sometime in late August. Or more specifically the data rumors are suggested for August 23rd. As for what may be coming, a larger prepaid data plan. As of now the prepaid data offerings from Verizon come in two flavors—100MB and 1GB. But what if you want more, well, Verizon may have a 5GB option which will set you back $80 per month. Otherwise, the FiveSpot mobile hotspot modem that was recently revealed should be coming available. Though at present the rumors have not mentioned any exact date. That said, it looks like this device, the one you see in the image above will replace the current MiFi. No word yet on how much the FiveSpot will be selling for, but given its expected to replace the MiFi its logical to think it will be similarly priced—$49.99 on a two year agreement.
Via [Engadget]http://adf.ly/4JK2

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