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High performance, V fax modem software 17 QAM

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Inc. (www. GAOResearch. Com), suggests that the widely used V 17 Fax Modem software, which uses a QAM channel with synchronous line transmission at 2400 baud. It implements the ITU-T V. 17 Recommendation of a modem two son to fax applications, data rates up to 14,400 bps. This International Standard specifies the action sequences, and modulation techniques used for applications requiring high-speed faxing. The software supports fax modem the most common processors such as TI C5000 and C6000 series of DSPs, ADI DSP and ARM processors, and OS such as Windows, VxWorks and Linux.

Search GAO V. 17 soft fax modem solution for your operating environment multi-task, or in a separate task and is optimized for fixed-point arithmetic. This V. Fax 17 Software operating at a frequency of 1800Hz and the support of V. 24 circuits of exchange. The sequences of the exchange rate during the startup is planned to establish a data rate, coding, and other special features. Trellis coding rate from 7200 to 14000bps and the modulation rate is 2400 symbols / s. It supports most analog commercial ends (AFE) and the discrete DAA owners with codecs, depending on the application. This can be combined with other data modems, telephone, voice compression, solutions fax relay to meet the requirements of different applications.

All software, the GAO is more stringent procedures for quality control, as evidenced by its well-structured code, detailed technical documentation, and a well-defined design and test plans. It offers easy integration for user-system, easy to maintain and upgrade smoothly to the next generation of products.

About GAO Research Inc.

GAO Research Inc. (www. GAOResearch. Com) is an internationally recognized leading software for communication carriers and electronics, and provides the most comprehensive and unique modem, telephone, fax, voice recognition software , VoIP, FoIP, fax relay and fax / modem / Relay audio software applications for embedded DSP and microprocessors.

http://www. GAOResearch. com for more information.

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