Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

basic tips to accelerate the performance of any brand of modem

Did you know that the speed Internet connection can be improved by changing some specific settings in Windows. Although now many software to speed up your internet connection may also have nothing to lose to know how to speed up the modem in "manual" as listed below:
First mode
1. From the Control Panel, click the Modems icon.
2. In the Modem Properties dialog box, select the modem you want to change the setting and click on the Properties button
3. On the General tab, change the Maximum Speed to 115 200
4. Move to the Connection tab and click the Port Settings button.
5. From the Advanced Port Settings dialog box, put a check on the Use FIFO buffers. Then change the Receive Buffer and Transmit Buffer becomes 14 becomes 16. Then click OK.
6. Click the Advanced button, put a check on the Use Flow Control.
7. Then select the Hardware radio button. In the Extra Settings, fill with & C1 & D2E1Q0V1X4% C0 S7 = 55 S11 = 55 S0 = 0.
Both Ways
1. From the Control Panel, click the System icon.
2. Move to the Device Manager tab.
3. On the Ports (COM & LPT), select the port used by your modem and click the Properties button.
4. Moving to Port Settings tab.
5. In the Bits per second, fill it with 921 600.
Third mode
1. Open the SYSTEM.INI file located in C: Windows.
2. In the [386Enh], add the COM1Buffer = 16 384. Change COM1 with port used by the modem.
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