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Tricks Tweaks HAIER D1200 HP Smart Modem

Many ways are practiced by most netters looking to get something in cyberspace. Regardless of the way and the best solution would do if faced issues related to cyberspace. So also with the problems faced by some of the netters who use the services of Smart Haier D1200P modem. There was no denying it, the problems often faced by most types of dial-up connection is nothing about lemot connection is unstable and the dashed.
But now maybe you can breathe a little relieved, because after there oprek oprek here (oprek-oprekan) I get a lot of information that might be reference to overcome the problems mentioned above. Basically there are three main underlying it, namely:
1. Configure Windows settings 2. Connection settings 3. External Signal booster
Ok ... now we bahas2 one:
1. Configure Windows settings All you have to do here is:
# Click Star - Run

# Please Type "gpedit.msc"

# Click the tab Computer Conviguration

# Click on Administrative Templates

# Click on Network

# Click QoS Packet Scheduler

# Click two times Resevable Bandwidth Limit

# Change the setting from Not Configured to Enable and change the bandwidth rate limit from 20% to 0

# Click OK
2. Connection settings To use OpenDNS and Settingan SpeedConnect Connection. This trick had been reviewed by chair and terubuksi om powerful. do this:

# OpenDNS Register your self in (free again nih) "create account" Once your IP address registered in your Internet connection set up OpenDNS. How: - Go to Network Connection - Navigate to your Dial-up smart and right click - Go to properties - Then select the Networking tab - Select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) - Press the button properties - Select "Use the Following DNS server addresses" - Fill with Preferred DNS Sever - Fill in the Alternate DNS Server - Press OK and OK until the dialog box is closed.
Now try to connect your smart.

# SpeedConnect (serves to expedite the work while you are browsing) - Download SpeedConnection75setup.exe - Install your downloaded results - Order a full version Crack - Do the settings wizard (optimized) - Restart your computer
3. Use eksternak signal Thrusters

Based on the experience of Smart connection system in dire need supporters signal. and signal can be obtained from the tool support or media catcher automatic signal. Various surveys have shown that some media that can be used as a tool to support an external signal Smart, among them:
- Wok Wok Proven effective to signal speed smart. - Canned milk or Pediasure Nutrilon 900 gr. - Other media containing aluminum foil.

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