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iPhone Dev Team putting final touches on iPhone 4 ultrasn0w unlock utility

Good news, fellow iPhone 4 users with an itch to unlock the latest Apple smartphone. The iPhone Dev Team – those masters of iPhone code who’ve managed to jailbreak and unlock every iPhone since the dawn of man – have announced on their official blog today that they are working on putting the final touches on the new ultrasn0w unlock utility for the iPhone 4. That means we’ll soon have a working carrier unlock tool that will free the glass-and-steel Apple phone from carrier lockdown.
This is what The Team has to say on their progress with ultrasn0w:
We’re fine-tuning the payload to make it as quick to load as possible (and making sure it remains crash-free of course!).
As usual before a public release, there are lots of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts trying to capitalize on the public’s eagerness to get the unlock.  For those who only want to know when it’s released, either of these two official accounts will do.  All other variations of these account names are fake!
That last bit is really important, because only the official @ultrasn0w and @iphone_dev Twitter accounts will be used to announce the official launch of ultrasn0w for iPhone 4.
The reason the unlock is taking a bit longer to hit official release status this time around is because the iPhone 4 uses a new baseband modem firmware – the baseband is the cellular modem/radio and the baseband firmware is the code that controls how that modem connects to cell towers. The new baseband OS required a complete re-write of the ultrasn0w utility. That kind of thing takes time.
We’ve already seen The Dev Team showing off their jailbreak and unlock solutions for the iPhone 4, so it’s really only a matter of time before we get an official release. By the looks of it, we probably won’t have to wait too long to unlock our new Apple phones at this point.
[Via: iPhoneDevTeam]


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