Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

L-3 Linkabit, Partners Complete Military WGS-3 Payload Test

Satellite TODAY 07-12-10] L-3 Linkabit has completed a payload characterization and verification test for the Wideband Global Satcom System (WGS-3) with its partners, the U.S. Army Program Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (PM WIN-T) and General Dynamics C4S, L-3 announced.
    The test featured several types of terminals using Linkabit’s MPM-1000 modems with the Network Centric Waveform, which was designed to verify that enabled terminals can operate at Ka-band over WGS-3. A multi-node network was established for the PCV test to showcase the functionality and capabilities of the WGS-3 satellite and L-3 MPM-1000 modem for the U.S. Military. L-3 also demonstrated the ability to establish a broadband network with a heterogeneous mix of terminals.
    “The PCV test has shown that our modem is ready to operate over WGS-3 in a network consisting of multiple terminal configurations with various antenna apertures. This capability will ultimately give commanders greater flexibility in establishing networked IP Satcom connectivity with varied users in a tactical environment.”
    Other participants in the test included the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency, Army Strategic Command, the Joint Satcom Engineering Center and Mitre Corp.


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