Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

How To Connect A Cable Modem To A Linksys Router For Wireless Internet

The Linksys router is made by Cisco. Like other wireless routers, it turns the signal from a modem connected to the Internet via phone line or cable line into a wireless signal that can be picked up by desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, PDAs, phones, game consoles and even printers.
Routers such as Linksys allow you to have wireless networks and Internet in your home so that you can use your devices from anywhere on your property. Place the router near the modem. Attach all the antenna to the router. USB WIRELESS LAN Adapter(WIRELESS USB LAN Adapter)
Make sure the router is an open area. If it is surrounded by metal or cinder block the signal may not be able to travel. Look for the port labeled “Internet” on the back of the router.
Attach the Ethernet cable to the “Internet” port. An Ethernet cable looks like a large phone cable and can just be inserted right into the back of the router. Start your computer. With the computer connected to the modem, open the start menu and the Command Prompt. Command Prompt is located under “All Programs” and “Accessories.”PCI Wireless LAN Card(Wireless PCI LAN Cards)
Type “ipconfig /release” then hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Next type “ipconfig /renew” and hit “Enter” again. Write down the IP address that appears on the screen. Unplug your computer from the modem and plug it into the router.
Type “ipconfig /release” then hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Next type “ipconfig /renew” and hit “Enter” again. Write down the IP address that appears on the screen. Open your Web browser and go to the address provided in the router’s instructions to get to the administration screen. Network Device(USB Wireless LAN Adapters )
Choose “Clone Mac Address.” This may take a few minutes. Plug the router into the modem using the cable you hooked up to the “Internet” port of the router. Click on “DHCP Renew” in your browser. Unhook your computer from the router.
As long as your computer has a wireless card you can connect to the Internet wirelessly.
If your computer does not have a wireless card then you will have to plug your computer back into the modem to connect to the Internet. You can always plug your computer back into the router if you need to change settings at a later time.

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