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Tethered Modem

With cellular network coverage, your BlackBerry® smartphone becomes a wireless modem capable of uploading or downloading large amounts of data. Simply connect your smartphone to your laptop using Bluetooth® technology or a USB cable for instant Internet access.
  • No need to purchase or carry a wireless PC card
  • Simply connect to browse the web
  • Exchange files at broadband speeds

Supported Tethered Modem BlackBerry smartphones

Ambit 250 Cable Modem TSOP Removal Tutorial

A nice TSOP Removal Video on an Ambit 250 Cable Modem. This what you need to do to restore option P

Apple Peel 520 to Come in iPad Edition

Yosion's Apple Peel 520 caught a bit of attention as it was a case that essentially brings along its own 3G modem to give the plain old iPod Touch voice and data capabilities over a mobile broadband network, turning the personal music player into an iPhone. Now, the company wants to head back into the game and tackle another popular Apple product, the iPad. The company will create a same case/sleeve contraption that should bring mobile broadband data to Apple's iPad tablet if you want to go with another carrier other than AT&T or whatever selected launch carrier partner for the device in your country. GoSolarUSA has confirmed that it is working to fund developments of the Apple Peel for your iPad, though I don't personally see a big market for that.

The need for a Peel for iPad to circumvent your carrier may not exist as the Apple iPad is already sold unsubsidized and unlocked, and in many cases without the need for a 3G data contract, so users can stop and start service as they need. On the other hand, because of AT&T's tight grip on the iPhone, those who may not want to sign a contract or pay a premium for an imported, SIM-unlocked iPhone that's being sold overseas can do well with an iPod Touch and Peel, which has been announced for to come to the U.S. via a distributer. The Peel's other function would be for users who may want to use it on a carrier that doesn't support Apple's products and may not be able to obtain the micro SIM to use with the device, though plenty have resorted to trimming their own standard SIM cards to a micro SIM size, and that method has been reported to work on both the latest iPhone 4 and the iPad.
The other use case scenario would be for people who purchased a WiFi-only model iPad and would want to add 3G mobile broadband access at a later time without having gotten the WiFi + 3G model initially.

Launch2Net Premium updates to v2.1, adds modems

Nova Media today announced a major update of its 3G connection manager for Mac, Launch2Net Premium, to v2.1, adding new support to 3G modems from Huawei and ZTE as well as updating its connection settings for other providers such as Novatel, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson and Option. The program smoothes the connection process for Mac users who want to use a 3G modem to provide internet access, helps find local prepaid providers, keeps track of usage and includes an ability to create an ad-hoc wi-fi network so that non-3G devices can share the connection.
In addition, Launch2Net Premium features an SMS text message manager and support for VPN and prepaid connections, also improved in the new version. Users visiting a foreign country can quickly discover which providers can give them compatible pre-paid access, and can view detailed statistics on use in home and roaming situations, helping them to avoid billing errors or overage charges by keeping customers aware of how much 3G data they are using.

The v2.1 update is free to current users, and new copies may be purchased for $50 throughout North America (50€ elsewhere). Launch2Net Premium requires an Intel Mac running 10.5 or higher. A demo version is available.

ViaSat and EM Solutions – COTM Confidence

ViaSat Inc. has successfully demo’d full-mesh satellite communications at Ka-band between an Australian Army deployable 1.0-metre Compact Transmit Receive Suite (CTRS) terminal located at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and a 48-cm communication-on-the-move(COTM) terminal located at BAE Systems Australia using a ViaSat LinkWayS2(tm) MF-TDMA satellite modem.
 This demo further shows the ability of the LinkWayS2 modem to simultaneously support satellite communications with fixed site, at-the-halt, and on-the-move terminals within a single tactical LinkWay® network. The full-duplex mesh connection streamed high-definition video simultaneously in both directions between remote sites while the mobile satcom antenna was exercised on a multi-axis, full motion platform using the steerable Ka-band spot beam on the Optus C1 satellite. The LinkWayS2 master reference terminal for the demonstration originated from a fixed terminal with a DVB-S overlay sourced from another Ka transponder on Optus C1. The LinkWay full-mesh communication system has been a satellite networking workhorse for U.S. defense over many years and with the addition of this new COTM capability, will increase its ability to provide network-centric operations, particularly over the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) constellation. The COTM antenna was designed and developed as a concept technology demonstrator by EM Solutions Pty Limited based in Brisbane, Australia, under contract to DSTO and has been successfully tested on an Australian Bushmaster Personnel Mobility Vehicle (PMV).


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Zip Conferencing Introduces the Ability to See Your Conference Call

Zip Conferencing announced today that it has introduced the ability to log into your audio conference call through your PC and control many aspects of the conference call.
All customers with Zip Conferencing are provided their own online account management portal that gives them access to a number of features including the ability to log into their audio conference calls. With this feature customers are able to see into their conference calls and see the participants on the call and control a number of functions within the call.
Once logged into the conference call the Host of the call has the ability to mute participants, adjust volume, disconnect participants, manage sub-conferences, lock the conference and end the conference call.
"The ability to manage your conference call through your PC provides a new level of security and convenience to our conference calls." said Jim Miller, President of Zip Conferencing. "This new feature will enhance the conference call experience for our customers by providing our standard Host Controls through an easy to use visual interface."
Conference Call Features
The conference call services offered by Zip Conferencing are affordable to businesses of all sizes and come with a number of standard features including the ability to manage the conference call through your PC. These features can also be accessed from the Moderator's telephone without having to log into the call through a PC.
Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable audio and web conference call services combining easy to use, convenient features with affordable rates.

Server Data Recovery, Do Servers Crash? And What About The Data?

Have you ever come into crash a server? If all the backup is never available & the entire office work goes haywire? Well, situations like this are few, but never non-existent! Server does never crash! So what should be done?
Regular & updated Backup is a way into reduce the impact of bringing the server into crash! In the case does never currently a safety, then there is no way into recover data if you opt for data recovery software or data recovery services.
Recovery Services typically using the latest techniques include relaxation into the maximum possible data under controlled & sterilized environment of class 100 clean room into recover. These rooms have an atmosphere where there are no more than 100 particles (with a size of more than 0.5 micrometers) per cubic meter of air.
Such an environment is into ensure the safety of your hard disk when it is opened for data recovery. Although nearly all data loss situations known into our civilization are revoked, never all of them demand clean rooms of class 100 But situations such as, PCB / Logic Board error, malfunction of the read / write head assemblies, burnt hard drive, engine damage, disk controller error, overvoltage, click / creak of the hard drive, all call for data recovery in the laboratory.
Data Recovery is much more than server recovery operations. Laptop hard drive recovery includes recovering data from any type of internal or external hard drive interfaces (including IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, SATA, SAS & FC (Fibre Channel)), RAID arrays, SAN, NAS, laptops, USB sticks, iPods, memory cards, Zip disks, CD, DVD, floppy drives & other storage media. The exploitation of very well trained data recovery experts, equipped with powerful recovery tools & techniques performed.
Stellar Data Recovery Services is a specialist in the field of data recovery & data recovery is a thorough professional. The company has adopted since its creation in long-term relationships with its customers & follows stringent documentation procedures into ensure transparency with its customers. Stellar has experience in personalized custom services for individual match customer needs & has into improvise a strong research & development center wing, paths & expand data recovery designs. Stellar follows a unique “no recovery, no charge” policy, ensuring maximum recovery of data in a short time. Stellar Data Recovery Services is a part of Stellar Information Systems Ltd, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that offers data recovery services around the world. Stellar has its offices in more than 137 countries & has a customer base of more than 1,100,000 satisfied customers.
on data recovery that is followed by most of the server recovery company & it is difficult into write data from a formatted hard disk using the data recovery company into get out of software or
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