Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

Digicel launches 3G+ network

Digicel officially launched its 3G+ network at a press conference held at Washington Mall Phase III yesterday.
The mobile provider claims that the state-of-the-art network is the fastest mobile broadband network in Bermuda and offers the best value and customer service from Digicel.
The Digicel 3G+ network is the first of its kind in Bermuda and is one of 30 worldwide. 3G+ is the name used by Digicel to describe the 'Evolved High-Speed Packet Access' technology Digicel has deployed. The technology is also known as HSPA Evolution or HSPA+.
3G+ technology, which was introduced globally in late 2008 and is a significant improvement on the standard 3G counterpart which is now eight years old, enabling users to connect wirelessly to the Internet, e-mail and other web-based applications using a 3G-enabled handset or a Digicel USB modem at faster speeds.
To celebrate the launch, Digicel is offering its USB modem for $45 with the purchase of a BlackBerry 9700; a single user wireless USB modem for $69; or a WiFi wireless modem that provides data to five users simultaneously for $139 (an introductory offer that runs from today until the end of August).
Speaking at the launch, Digicel Bermuda CEO, Wayne Caines, said: "We are using the very latest in 3G technology and have expanded our coverage right across the Island.
"There is no need for a new SIM card, customers simply need to register for the 3G+ service and start browsing straight away. And for customers with an Apple iPad, we have introduced a 3G+ Micro SIM card that can be purchased in any Digicel store." 


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