Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

CLEAR Spots Mobile WiMAX Modems Go On Sale From Clearwire

The internet is great – if you can connect to it. If you’d like to use your computer on the web, there isn’t much choice. You can pay one of the carriers for an expensive tethering plan, or you can go the other route and get a WiMAX modem from the folks at Clearwire. Their 4G hotspots that our man Robert told you about sometime ago are now out nationwide for us Americans.
clearwire 4g modems 480
The first modem is the CLEAR Spot 4G modem, which is WiMAX only and is being offered for $99.99, or can be leased for $4.99. Plans for this model start at $40 monthly and up to eight devices can connect to this hub via WiFi.
Secondly is the CLEAR Spot 4G+ modem, which may be the better option if you regularly travel outside of Clearwire’s 4G coverage. It has the ability to use Sprint’s 3G network in a pinch, but at the cost of being a bit more expensive. It’ll cost you $224.99 or can be leased for $5.99 a month. Plans for this device, again, are a bit more pricey at $55 per month.

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