Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

Comcast TV, modem prices set to increase Aug. 1

Comcast cable TV prices will increase Aug. 1, rising to an average monthly cost of $3.21 or nearly 5 percent for its customers in Western Washington and Spokane, the company announced today.Internet modem prices also will increase $2 and those customers who subscribe only to Comcast's high-speed Internet service will see a price increase of about $3, spokesman Walter Neary said.
Comcast prices for its "limited basic" cable TV service remain unchanged, and subscribers to its "Digital Economy" package will see a decrease between four cents and $10.04.
Increased business expenses and offering customers more services resulted in the price increases, Neary said. Comcast has about 1.1 million customers in Western Washington and Spokane.


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