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3G Modem Speeds and Pricing

Can your modem take advantage of the new HSPA and HSPA+ networks?
With Vodacom and MTN launching HSPA and HSPA+ services on their networks many users will find their modems incapable of taking advantage of the additional bandwidth.
When taking out a mobile data contract you may have a choice of modem which seems arbitrary. Taking the cheapest modem in a technology class (HSPA, HSPA+) might seem to make sense, but could result in being unable to make use of the latest technology MTN and Vodacom have to offer. The modem might say “HSUPA support,” but without reading closely one may not notice that it supports 2Mbps upload speeds and not 5.76Mbps.
The following information has been supplied by MTN's retailers and Vodacom. Where no price is provided it means that the networks state that they no longer sell the device. All prices are the cash price of a modem on a prepaid service and are inclusive of VAT.
Device Provider Max. Downlink Speed Max. Uplink Speed Price
21.6/5.76 Mbps HSPA+

Vodafone K4505 Vodacom 21.6 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 1 699
Huawei E1820 MTN 21.6 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 2 099
7.2/5.76 Mbps HSPA (HSDPA+HSUPA)

Huawei E1750 MTN 7.2 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 1 200
Huawei E2010 MTN 7.2 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 1 399
Vodafone K3765 Vodacom 7.2 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 1 649
Huawei E230 MTN 7.2 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 2 399
Vodafone MiFi 2352 Vodacom 7.2 Mbps 5.76 Mbps R 2 599

Huawei B970 router MTN 7.2 Mbps 2 Mbps R 4 739
Huawei E172 - 7.2 Mbps 2 Mbps -
Huawei E272 - 7.2 Mbps 2 Mbps -
Vodafone K3715 Vodacom 7.2 Mbps 2 Mbps -
7.2/0.375 Mbps HSDPA + 3G

Vodafone K3520 Vodacom 7.2 Mbps 0.375 Mbps -
3.6/0.375 Mbps HSDPA + 3G

Vodafone K3565 Vodacom 3.6 Mbps 0.375 Mbps R 549
Huawei E156G MTN 3.6 Mbps 0.375 Mbps R 1 200
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