Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor

One more software we can use to find download and upload speed internet connection we are. After I was informed earlier about BitMeter II, Networx, BW Meter, Bandwidth Meter, and also NetCost. Here are artificial Rokario software, namely Bandwidth Monitor. Bandwidth Monitor 2 itself there is a Lite version (free) and Pro (paid). Of the two versions is the distinguishing feature, of course more Pro versions offer features than Lite version. But to monitor the function of bandwidth, this Lite version will suffice.

Bandwidth Monitor Lite version has the same function with the software that I mentioned above, the difference is only the appearance (visual). Its use is also quite easy. At the moment we first run (after install), Bandwidth Monitor software automatically detects this adapter for our internet connection. As an example here, which is detected directly mounted Lancard CPU, but if we have some kind of connection in our computers and we are sure which one will we choose, we can use the Auto Select. Next time we will be asked to read a report terms of use (log), here I use based on the 1st of each month.

After that it automatically Bandwidth Monitor icon will appear in the System Tray, Bandwidth Monitor panel following her.

Panel Setting this software can open by right clicking Bandwidth Meter icon in System Tray. In this panel there are 3 main menu options, namely General, Data, and Themes. General covers the basic functions of the software, such as adapters that we use. Own data to set the menu to monitor bandwidth statistics. While the visual controls Themes from existing graphics.

Who will find the software version of Bandwidth Monitor Lite Themes This is a function, where we can change the visual appearance of the panel monitor, even we can also download or create your own.

Okay so brief information about Bandwidth Monitor software is, for more information and download can be found in the software or find info here. Hopefully useful.

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