Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Nokia CDMA Internet Connection via Bluetooth

This post is an extension of a previous post about the internet connection with Starone, except here I use Bluetooth as a means of connecting the phone with your PC / laptop.

Until now I use this connection due to excess compared with the cable flexibility. With bluetooth I do not have to put the phone close to the intricacies of a laptop plus CA-53 cable is accidentally cut off sometimes because of port connections in a simple cell phone off (especially if the cable is too often apart pairs).

For example here I still use my Nokia 2865 CDMA with CDMA card from Starone Stud, plus the bluetooth dongle (laptop that I use no bluetoothnya), Toshiba laptop Pentium M. Additional applications are the Nokia PC Suite, if no, please see the download PC Suite.

Prinsip dasar koneksi dengan bluetooth sebenarnya sama dengan koneksi kabel, perbedaan hanya pada modem yang digunakan (walaupun ponsel sama, modemnya berbeda mengikuti koneksi yang digunakan).

Langkah pertama yang dilakukan setelah dongle bluetooth terpasang (driver sudah terinstall), dan bluetooth pada ponsel telah diaktifkan adalah melakukan pairing antara PC/laptop dengan ponsel.

After pairing successfully, now we enter the second step of setting up a modem bluetoothnya, by going to 'Control Panel' and select 'Phone and Modem Options', select the 'Modems'

Then select the bluetooth modem is detected by the PC / laptop, and click 'Properties'. Here we make the bluetooth modem settings, for the same material filled with my previous post (please see in step 4 to step 6)
After we finished bluetooth modem settings, now go to the next step, namely to connect the internet. First we went to the window bluetooth, here we will see a phone we'd been pairing it with a PC / laptop, right click the phone icon and select 'Refresh Services' (could also through the menu on the 'My Services').

After the Bluetooth connection from the active mobile phone, the Bluetooth icon and then select the Dial-Up Networking Service (phone pictures).

Here we will be brought to the windows 'Connection Bluetooth DUN Connection', the contents of your username with 'starone' (without the quotes) and password with 'indosat' (without the quotes), dial-up number is filled with # 777, before selecting 'Dial' check the modem that we use to select the 'Properties' (make sure the modem you select is a Bluetooth modem that we had previously set), if the modem is in conformity means that we can connect by clicking the 'Dial'

If the connection is successful then the bottom right screen will display a notification internet connection with a Bluetooth modem.

Done. Not so easy, we can now more easily connect anywhere, without having to spend the Nokia CDMA phone from a purse or shirt pocket (but remember there is a maximum range of a Bluetooth connection can be done>> about 10 m, but I suggest no more than 2 meters for the smoothness of our Internet connection).

Good luck.

Note: connection speed is also influenced by signals from Starone conditions in our environment to connect to the Internet (at least 3 bar signal is for a normal connection)


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