Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Save Tip to the Internet with a modem HP

Savings can be done by way of selective SIM Card. And when seen from a comparison of rates, then the CDMA SIM Card has the burden of low rates lebuh. However, savings can also be done through your computer, how to, among others:
1. Turn off automatic updates that work on your computer, sepertu windows update, antivirus update, and other sebagainya.sebaiknya you manually update and periodic
2. you turn off the facility was not needed in the browser, like Flash Player, advertising, and so on. To disable flash applications, use Flashblock plugin (downloaded on http://flashblock.mozdev.org/) and to disable the ads you can use Adblock plugin (Download in http://adblockplus.mozdev.org/).

3. Currently popular RSS reading desk top version. However, to save bandwidth you should avoid, just read RSS Web version only, because the data can be controlled transper.
4. Avoid opening a web page too long. Immediately closed if no longer needed because sometimes occur treansfer your data without knowing it.
5. soon Exterminate (clean and delete) any viruses, worms, or spyware that is on the computer because they jadu bias will transfer data without you knowing it.
6. immediately turn off the connection when not in use anymore, and if not too much need to avoid activities that require more bandwidth such as downloads, programs, video coference, etc.

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