Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

Activating the GPS feature on the modem Sierra 880U/881U

1. Upgrade Firmware, Download it here:

2. Download Sierra Watcher which GPS support here:

3. Download Garmin Mobile PC to display the map at:

4.Extract and Install the new first Main.msi Setup.exe .

5.Download Crack here: .

6. Reboot.
7. Download Map Indonesia in:.

8. When finished downloading [GMAv0.66], ato pake WinZip WinRAR to extract files gmapsupp.img allocated for the ngak have Garmin Map Source applications.
9. Copy and paste the file into gmapsupp.img Installation GarminMobilePC directory. For example C: \ GarminMobilePC
10. Click the Display icon to open GPS GPS Monitor

11. Press Play signs in the middle to start nyari satellites. Wait a minute wrote. Kalo process fails (Failure), press pause and then play the sign again to repeat the search process. Kalaw've successfully will perform "Got position fix at ... (x satellites).
12. Kalo udah dapetin successful satellites, and turn Garmin Mobile PC. Mobile PC will automatically connect to a modem 880/881U sierra.
13. If dimita download files in tosbdapi.dll and tosbtapi.dll

Copy the C: \ Windows \ System32

Now try using your GPS for the following functions.

Click the Map button on the GPS monitor, then the browser window opens and displays your position on Google Maps:

Position you are using Garmin Mobile PC:


Navigation at night, travel Kelapa Gading - National Monument:


Hospital Location:

Looking for Satellite:

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