Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Facts About Internet Fastest in Indonesia: Smart EV-DO

Lately Indonesia's Internet scene quickly SMART EV-DO. With 3.1 mbps download theory and practice of 2.7 to 2 mbps download it in the size of Indonesia can be said "goes like hell" aka baget quickly. There he tried to download 200 MB in 20 minutes a month can mean 30 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes * 200 MB = 8.23 TB. = 8437.5 GB.

This speed is nearly 2 - 3x speed Telkomsel Flash jaya-prime time is about 1.2 mbps. Ok enough for the theory: P. The core of this article is that I had just to Gallery Smart. Smart Gallery is the uniqueness of the concept of no tel no to all the galleries. CSnya's words later if given no tel, the Central CS jobless donk. This gallery only to serve customers who come there, not by phone. A strange concept.

Some time in the newspaper ad is Smart EV-DO. There is 2 modems and 2 kinds of price. Apparently he meant that the price is 2 ways to pay postpaid / prepaid. Both EV-DO support. The difference (if it is the image seen 2 different modems) are thin single-band modem ZTE 1900 only, while the fat is not wrong if Hua Hwei which support dual band EV-DO.

To get the Smart EV-DO you want to select the modem up to which. Both are free to choose from. Then for the payment you want "free" modem with one-year subscription or a pay-off. Another good news is according to my friend and have dikonfimasikan to the Gallery in the WTC, the modem supports Windows 7 64 bit:). It's not 64-bit era dianak tirikan.

According to sources from within, in Mojokerto was no trial EV-DO base stations in Meri Smart. Meri was the area near where the Smart Gallery is located. Let's hope it can soon become SMART National EV-DO from Sabang to Merauke:).

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