Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

GSM modem 3800 iTegno

3800 iTegno a GSM modem which is suitable for use by companies that need SMS as a means to keep a relationship with customers, suppliers, or with employees.

Equipped with a windows based application, can be used as iTegno HOTLINE SMS or as a means of Customer Service, where the application can accommodate incoming email whether it be news, suggestions and criticisms and others. And of course, ease of use of such applications is the excess of the iTegno modem.

One other advantage is a GSM modem requires no batteries or other power, because the GSM modem is using electric power from the connected computer through a USB cable.


* Size: 94.2mm x 66mm x 14.5mm
* Weight: 58g
* Data Port: USB 1.1
* Power: USB Bus powered
* Antenna: Embedded
* Quad-band (GSM850 / EGSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900)
* GPRS Class 10: Coding scheme CS1 to CS 4
* Max. packet-switched (GPRS) data transmission speed: 85.6 kbps
* Max. circuit-switched (GSM CSD) data transmission speed: 14.4Kbps
* Automatic fax group (Class 1 and Class 2)
* System requirements: Windows-compatible notebook / PC; minimum of 15mb free hard disk space

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