Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Verizon starts "Quadruple-play" bundles

Verizon has announced it will begin offering "Quadruple-play" services to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic customers, packaging broadband, TV, home phone and wireless services.

The offering will include Verizon Wireless phone service, DirecTV, FiOS DSL and Verizon's fiber-to-the-home phone service. The FiOS speed maxes out at 15 Mbps.

The service will cost about $130 USD per month (with 450 minutes for wireless users) and will require a 1-year contract.

"We're offering the freedom and flexibility for customers to choose the Verizon voice service or combination of services that meets their individual or family needs, together with our complete line of industry-leading home-entertainment options," added Verizon chief marketing officer Mike Ritter.

Many ISPs including Time Warner and Cablevision already offer "triple-play" packages for TV, cable Internet and home phone service.

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