Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

MoYing 3G Router

Product Description

Specter of 3G technology and WiFi router to 3G technologies (EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS / HSDPA & TD-SCDMA) to combine, you only need to simply plug in the 3G USB MODEM router on, open the power supply, and then we can Internet multi-function computer, you can use a wide range of small office, meeting hall, ships, restaurants and other public occasions, to provide users with easy and convenient access to the Internet

Product Features:
1. Standard 802.11g wireless standards, wireless rate to reach 54M, compatible with 802.11b wireless Internet access. 3G Mobile Router allows you to enjoy anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of the Internet and easily deploy a wireless network office.

2. As long as the USB interface connected to a wireless network card, the office will be able to immediately access the network carried out the work of the installation is so simple to set up and operate, so this is a 3G mobile router or home office user's choice.

3.3G mobile router itself has a solid firewall security features, can be based on MAC addresses and filter the domain name and other data in order to implement access security policy to provide multiple security protection.

4. Support for 64/128 bit WEP data encryption, while support for WPA, WPA2 encryption, such as the latest security mechanisms. Support for SSID broadcast control, MAC address-based access control, with a powerful firewall features, which can effectively prevent the invasion, for your wireless communications provide a strong security protection.

5. EVDO and WCDMA support the 3G network standard and compatible with mobile networks CDMA1x; Support for USB Wireless LAN access, support the expansion of a wide range of USB devices; Support the creation of 802.11b / g wireless networks; Support static routing; Data QoS management; Support DHCP Server; Support DNS proxy, dynamic DNS support for PPTP, L2TP, IPSec pass-through; To provide the system log and remote log delivery and network monitoring capabilities; WAN port to obtain the static IP, DHCP client to obtain dynamic IP addresses; LED status monitoring; Support SNMP; Support NTP.


Packing: Gift Box
Model NO.: 3G Router
Standard: 3G

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