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4G WiMAX: Texas, Illinois, North Carolina & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • The wireless revolution began late 2008, when Sprint introduced a new era for wireless consumers, with the launch of the first dual-mode 3G and 4G USB modem in Baltimore. For the first time ever, customers experienced WiMAX connection with lightning-fast speed. Including speeds 3-5 times faster than 3G with peak download speeds of 12 MegaBytes per second (MBPS).
  • Aggressive 4G market expansion is under way including coverage across 80 markets by the end of 2010. IMPACT and provide coverage details.
  • All Care specialists are able to and should assist a 3G/4G dual-mode customer with questions, billing support, and basic troubleshooting. Only when customers require more than basic troubleshooting should they be transferred to the 4G Dedicated Support Team.
  • WiMAX KMS information is easy to locate using the Content Directory – it is located under Products, 4G-WiMAX, All Specialists.

How 3G Compares to WiMAX (4G):

Feature 4G (WiMAX Broadband) 3G Service (CDMA Broadband)
Speed Average download: 3-6 Mbps Average download: 0.5-1.4 Mbps
Technology WiMAX Standard – Network built for mobile broadband wireless data that is IP centric CDMA Standard – Cellular voice network based on CDMA technology with added on data features
Reliability Built into the 4G network based on Sprint’s heritage and experience in providing highly reliable networks Integrated into Sprint’s 3G network
Security WiMAX 802.16e includes the use of X.509 security certificates for both the devices and the network. Provides greater security by preventing fraudulent devices from entering the network. Helps users validate they are receiving a valid network operator signal. Sprint Mobile Broadband uses secure CDMA technology.
Cap No data cap 5 Gigabyte data cap
Download Times (based on peak speeds) 10MB Photo – .8 Seconds 250 MB Movie – 21 Seconds 10MB Photo – 3.3 Seconds 250 MB Movie – 83 Seconds
Enables * Video Chat * IP TV * Cloud Computing * Synchronization * Digital Storage * User Generated Media Content * High Definition * Full Length Video * Hard Drive Synchronization * HULU * Online Interactive Gaming – Halo * Instant Messaging * Audio Conference * Desktop Applications Windows * E-mail * User Generated Media Content * Standard Definition * Short Video Clips * File Synchronization * You Tube * Online Static Gaming – Sudoku, Chess

WiMAX requirements:

  • To experience 4G, you must:
    • Be in the Baltimore MD, Portland OR, Las Vegas NV, Atlanta GA, Boise ID, and Bellingham WA area (prior to this launch of additional markets)
    • Have a 4G connection card plan (shown in the table above)
    • Have the U300 Mobile Broadband Card
    • Have Sprint Smartview – version 2.24 or higher
  • A 2-year service agreement is required for new customers on U300 device purchase.

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