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Haier CDMA bundling C700 Smart on Apple Mac OS X

In previous writings I have informed the use of bundling phones with CDMA Haier C700 Smart on as a modem in the Windows operating system. For this time I tried to write about this C700 Haier phones, namely its use as a modem on MacOS X, given in the sales package also provided drivers for Apple's operating system was fabricated.

For his own devices other than mobile phones and Haier C700 CDMA Smart card with the package 3 months free internet, I use the Apple MacBook Pro with MacOS X version 10.5.8 (same as I use to make a review of the Nokia E61 phone modem and Apple's MacOS X).

The first step before you enjoy the Internet with a modem connection Haier C700 mobile phone is to install the device driver itself. Here I use the driver comes from Haier C700, modem driver install process is relatively easy because we will be guided by the 'Apple' is, we just follow these guidelines and enter your username and password MacOS X (if we enable these security functions in MacOS us ).

After the modem driver installation process is successful, we enter the next stage is to setup a connection through the Network Preferences to create a new connection (do not forget to connect the phone to the C700 Haier Apple MacBook Pro with usb cable is the default). When we open the Network Preferences, then the modem automatically Haier C700 phone will be detected by the MacOS, press Ok to activate it.

Next we create a new connection by pressing the plus sign (+) in column Network (do not forget to open the lock to make new connections). We choose to interface CDMA which has been detected and we enable this, while for the Service Name of our free content as we want, save it by pressing Create.

In the next panel we fill Telephone Number with # 777, and for our username and password with smart content. At this point we can directly dial-up process by pressing the Connect after pressing the Apply to save the settings we have made it, while to add this connection shortcut on the Menu bar, we simply check the Show modem status in menu bar.

If the connection is successful then the Network panel will display information about these connections, such as the duration of connection time, IP address, and upload traffic (sent) and downloaded (received)


As usual, to complete the test Haier C700 phone modem on MacOS X, I do tests with From the tests I get download speeds of 70 Kbps and 70 Kbps upload.

Thus brief information about the use of Haier C700 as a modem with Smart card on the Apple MacOS X. may be useful.

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