Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Zoom Accura 56k V.92 PC Card Modem H08-15327-CF Analog Modem

Price Range:
$62.00 to $80.00
The Hayes Accura V.92 PC Card Model H08-15327 is a high-performance 56K faxmodem that plugs into the PCMCIA slot or PC Card slot of a laptop computer.Performance of the Model H08-15327 is enhanced by an on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and an on-board controller, providing a more stable system and better performance than Windows-only modems.

Product MPN
MPN H08-15327-CF
Key Features
Type Analog Modem
Transmission Line Analog
Interface PC Card
Downstream Speed 56 Kbps
Upstream Speed 48 Kbps
Enclosure External
Platform PC • Mac
Supported Standards
Analog Modulation Protocol ITU V.34 • ITU V.32bis • ITU V.32 • ITU V.22bis • ITU V.22 • ITU V.90 • ITU V.21 • ITU V.23 • Bell 212A • Bell 103 • K56Flex • ITU V.92 • ITU V.22 A/B
Fax Standards ITU Group 3 Fax • ITU-T V.90 • ITU-T V.92
Max. Fax Transfer Rate 14.4 Kbps
UPC 726947106819

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