Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

Clearwire Demonstrates WiMAX Roaming Capabilities

Clearwire International, LLC, the operating subsidiary of Clearwire Corporation, announced on Friday together with Aicent Inc. that they had made an important step in the international WiMAX roaming area with the successful completion of the first roaming connection between WiMAX networks. The duo demonstrated the inter-network roaming connection using a USB modem and a CLEAR 4G WiMAX service username and password, through which access to a WiMAX network in Taiwan was gained.

According to the two companies, the demonstration shows how easily a CLEAR 4G WiMAX user is able to gain access to a network abroad using Aicent’s WiMAX Roaming eXchange (WRX). “The future promise of WiMAX stretches beyond national borders to offer mobile data users the ability to connect wirelessly, at broadband speeds, wherever they may travel across the globe,” Ali Tabassi, Clearwire’s senior vice president of Global Ecosystem and Standards, said. “The ability of WiMAX operators to work cooperatively in order to create seamless, simple and reliable international interoperability, as we have successfully demonstrated through Aicent’s facilities, will be crucial to realizing the tremendous social and economic potential of a truly connected world.”

WiMAX, as many of you might already know, is one of the standards on which next-generation wireless networks are based. The technology is said to support true 4G connectivity both on mobile and fixed, wireless networks. There is already a series of carriers around the world deploying the technology in their countries, and some of them already announced the availability of their services. Moreover, one should also know that there is already a wide range of devices that features support not only for WiMAX, but also for multiple radios, including WiMAX+Wi-Fi, WiMAX+EVDO and WiMAX+GSM. According to Aicent, it is already working with a series of 3G operators around the world to commercially deliver global and inter-standard roaming to the market.

“The entire communications industry stands on the precipice of immense change,” Lynn Liu, president and CEO of Aicent, added. “People are traveling with great ease and more often than not bringing with them devices that need to connect to networks. There are important technical challenges to overcome to enable people to have ‘anywhere, anytime access’ to these important, often critical, data networking connections. Aicent is fortunate to work with leaders like Clearwire to bring the innovations that will ultimately result in a worldwide ubiquitous WiMAX network.”

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