Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Radio modem for long range applications ADEUNIS RF 868, 915MHz - RS232/485 - USB

ARF53 - 500mW radio modem RS232/RS485 or USB, European & US versions

The ARF53 enables two-way half duplex wireless data transmission over a range of 6000 m.
It integrates a multi-channel radio transceiver, a digital processing unit and a wide power supply range on the same board.
Available as an IP65 enclosure ready for approved use, this modem uses the 869MHz (Europe) band according to the European directive RTTE EN300-220/EN 301-489 or the 902/928MHz (United-States) band according to the FCC Part 15.247 and is approved.
Data transfer is performed via an RS232/RS485 serial port or USB interface.
Configuration is performed by AT commands.

System Highlights
• No wiring
• No subscription
• Licence free (certified products)
• No maintenance
• Pre-configured (several programmable parameters available)
• Waterproof
• 6 Kms range
• Secured transmission

Communication between 2 PLC
Communication between 2 PC
Forklift trucks control
Industrial process monitoring
Long range telemetry
Urban traffic control, vehicule priority system management
Variable message signs, displays control …

• ISM Frequencies 869MHz & 915MHz
• Power 500mW (+27dBm), sensivity -112dBm
• RS232 / RS485 or self-powered USB
• Alim 4.5 - 36Vcc
• New USB interface with a Windows® certified and Vista® compatible driver.

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