Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Lies CS Smart: Smart Modem Heier C100 It Can not Used With Other Cards

About the previous article titled Facts About Smart EV-DO. Apparently Mojokerto CSnya Street Smart hero can not be trusted! I just bought a C100 Smart Heir. It turned out not be used for tel and sms with maunpun FREN card Flexi card.

CS is a mistake he did not say if the modem is not Heir CS100 can be used with other cards besides Smart cards. Spek original modem can be used with all operators. Even more extreme, according brother Sulaiman Arief, ZTE modem which was also the original thin dual band. Please see spec both modems are on the official website of the company that makes ZTE and Heir.

The only reason why this is a problem is because CSnya say can be used on other operators. If they say can not ya gpp. Info not sesatkan? But if it's cheating the consumer. If you know something like this can I buy another modem just like the Sierra. Tomorrow's going to take care deh Gapari Smart!

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