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Review of Motorola Signal Booster 4-Port BDA-S4 Cable Modem TV HDTV Amplifier

This is the 4-port version of the Motorola Signal Booster, combining that product's high-quality 15 dB cable/antenna drop amplifier with an integrated 4-port splitter so you can use this device with up to four TVs (or a cable modem and three TVs) without having to buy a separate high-bandwidth signal splitter.

So who would benefit from a cable amplifier like this?Anyone who is having difficulty receiving a solid and reliable cable TV or cable modem signal is a candidate for the BDA-S4.But first check with your cable company to make sure they have done all they can to get a high quality cable feed into your home, with high quality cables, splitters and connectors. If they've "been there, done that," and you still notice frequent outages of your cable internet service, or pixilated (distorted) images on live or recorded TV shows from cable, then you may very well need a drop amp like this one.

This four-output amplifier is particularly helpful if you are splitting a cable signal coming into your house to multiple rooms for multiple TV feeds (and this is perfectly legal to do, per the Cable Act of 1992).Whenever you split a cable signal, you lose approximately 3 dB (decibels) of signal strength.Split a signal enough times and it can cause you to lose your cable modem feed or get sporadic distortion on your digital cable channels.Insert a cable amplifier like this into your cable feed as close as possible to where it enters the home and it will boost the signal enough to survive multiple splits and, in most cases, will allow you to enjoy a glitch-free cable TV signal throughout your home as well as a solid high-speed internet connection.

Why is this amp's "two-way" or "bi-directional" capability important?A two-way amp/splitter with "return" feed support is necessary in order to properly support a broadband cable modem (for data upload and download) and to enable interactive cable services such as PPV (pay per view) and interactive guides.A one-way amplifier will boost overall signal reception, but it will not work with a modem or interactive cable services.The BDA-S4 works perfectly with both.

The BDA-S4 won't work miracles.Again, always check your incoming signal, cable and connector quality first.But if you've done all that and are still having trouble, this little cable signal amp can be a real life-saver.It also works fine for OTA (over the air) HDTV signal amplification but only if you have a decent signal to begin with.A full review of the Motorola Signal Booster is available on Big Picture Big Sound's web site.Our writer's cable reception in Manhattan went from spotty to near perfect with this simple little amp. Highly recommended.

Product Description
There is nothing worse than having a great TV to watch your favorite programs, while having a grainy or pixilated (digital cable) picture. Motorola BDA amplifiers give your TV signal a boost while maintaining full compatibility with all of your cable services. Simply install the BDA-S4 where your cable or antenna comes into your house and begin enjoying a better picture, faster downloads, and a more reliable HD or Digital TV signal. With a name like Motorola, how can you go wrong? The BDA-S4 is fully compatible with all cable TV standards, cable boxes, cable modems, routers, HDTV and more.

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