Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Radio modem ADEUNIS RF IP65 - 433MHz - RS232 - 10mW

Low cost' multi-channel radio modem RS232 - 433/434MHz

The ARF33 enables two-way half duplex wireless data transmission over a range of 500m.
It integrates a 10-channel radio transceiver, a digital processing unit and a wide power supply range on the same board.
It is available as an IP65 enclosure ready for approved use.
This modem uses the 433/434MHz band according to the European Directive RTTE EN300-220/EN301-489 and is approved.
Data transfer in transparent mode is performed via an RS232 serial port.
Configuration is performed by AT commands.
It covers most short-distance wireless data transmission applications, from remote meter reading type point to point
transmission to constitution of cordless multipoint local networks, in sectors of activity such as automation, robotics,
remote management ….

• Programmables frequencies 433.125 to 434.700MHz
• Radiated RF power 10mW (10dBm)
• Sensitivity -100dBm
• Number of channels 10
• Modulation FSK
• Data rate 10Kbits/s

Modem interface
• Wired transmission rate 9.6kbps
• Serial ports RS232
• Flow control None
• Set up & configuration Through AT commands
• Modes Transparent

General informations
• Supply voltage 8 to 40V
• Rated consumption 50mA (under 24V)
• Operating temperature -30 / +70°C
• Range 500m on open field
• Size 145 x 100 x 40mm + 170mm antenna
• Packaging IP65 box
• Standard compliance EN300-220 / EN301-489 (full certified modem)

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