Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

Wifi Cards (802.11b)/Alvarion PC-DS.11b PCMCIA Wifi Card

This is the original Orinoco Gold Wi-fi Card with MC external antenna connector manufactured by Agere Systems and badged for Alvarion as PC-DS.11b. Connects laptop, handheld and portable computing devices to Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networks.

This wi-fi card is from a bulk pack and will be shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. Comes with drivers for Windows and an installation guide on CD.
  • MC connector for external antenna.
  • 2.4gHz, 802.11b.
  • Hermes chipset.
  • Drivers and installation guide on CD
  • Drivers for Windows 95, 98,2000, XP ,CE3.0 and Linux
  • MAC drivers can be purchased here
Package Contents:

1x Alvarion PC-DS.11b PCMCIA Wifi Card

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Price: £44.95

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