Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Want mobile broadband? Try Vodafone's $49 for modem and 1GB

The 3G mobile broadband war is hotting up again. Following on from Optus' Peak/Offpeak offerings, Vodafone brings out a new Starter Pack at a very tasty $49

Vodafone's Starter Kit used to be a quite reasonable $79, but the price is now down to just $49 for a USB modem and 1GB of data over 30 days.
If you haven't tried mobile broadband yet, this may just be the carrot you need to sample it. $49 for the USB modem is as cheap as we've seen, and 1GB is enough data to really test out the speed of mobile broadband for yourself.
1GB is enough to download around 35 music tracks, view 50 photos, or send 80 emails, according to Vodafone.
If you decide mobile broadband is for you, Vodafone offers prepaid, postpaid and month-by-month contracts, so that you can opt for occasional use, regular download limits, or variable download limits depending on your needs.
You can get the kit at Vodafone or 3 stores.

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