Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Use Bluetooth Phone as a Modem

You will need :
  • A smartphone featured with Bluetooth
  • A laptop featured with Bluetooth
Connect phone and Bluetooth
1. Make sure your phone plan (or credit balance if you use prepaid)  can cover the internet charges and both devices are fully charged.
2. Turn on both your laptop and your phone and pair your device.
3. Bluetooth icon will appear on Windows taskbar, right click on this icon. Click Add a Bluetooth device. Meanwhile, turn on your “Discoverable” mode on yourphone and search for your laptop.
4. Application will ask for pass kode, make sure you enter the same pass code for both devices.
5. Select Device Manager, and search for the item that corresponds to your modem. Set up the APN (Access point name) that usually provided by your service provider. Choose  Advanced tab, type AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”XXXXXX” under the Extra initialization commands text box.
Replace XXXXX with your network’s access point.
5. Click Windows, go to Control Panel and click the Dial-up Networking window. Create a new connection, choose the freshly installed Bluetooth modem as the modem.
8. Username and password usually provided by your service provider, but you can left it blank. Turn on GPRS, 3G or HSDPA on the phone. But automatically your phone will select the connection type with the best signal.
10. Use *99#. as your dial-up number that signifies  you will be connecting via packet radio, instead of a regular call.
You can contact your costumer hotline service provider and read manual book of your phone, if you encounter any problem during the set up.

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