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Installing Qualcomm un2400 Broadband Modem into HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000 on Windows 7

Installing Qualcomm un2400 broadband Modem into HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000 on Windows 7. Are you one of the users of HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000? Have you ordered those cool new Qualcomm un2400 broadband Modems with your HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000? If you have, then we presume that you must be eager to try them out. The reason that you haven’t done this here and now is you’ve got no spare time to try and connect it with the fancy operating system in your HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000 , Windows 7, or you simply don’t know how to do that. If your reason is the latter, reading this article will be your pathway to enlightenment. You will soon be acquainted with the mightiness of Qualcomm un2400 broadband Modems along with Windows 7.
Hopefully, after this you will be able to experience the satisfaction of Internet connection with Qualcomm un2400 broadband Modems, and sweeter still, with the 3G speeds.
As any other modems, however, there are the pre-requisites for this fancy modem. No need to fuss, dude, they are easily found if you pay attention to us:
HP Mini 1000 NetBook with WWAN Modem
Microsoft Windows 7
HP Wireless Assistant
HP Connection Manager version 2
HP Multi-WWAN Drivers
Have you got them all? Then this is the right time for you to follow the next steps:
- Install Windows 7 onto your netbook
- Install the latest HP Multi-WWAN Drivers
- Install HP Wireless Assistant.
- Install the new release HP Connection Manager version 2
To configure the HP connection profile that will get you connected to the internet:
Open the HP Connection Manager version 2
Go to Tools => Profile Manager.
Edit the profile in the list
Edit WWAN properties.
Adjust your settings, save them get ready to test your connection.
Sweeter still, we provide the steps to do the Connection Test.
Double click the “HP Connection Manager 2? shortcut on desktop
Click the “Power On” button
Now you should see your WWAN card is online and active
Hit the “Connect” button and you should then be online and active
Enjoy the mighty HP Mini 110, 210, 311, 1000 with that fast-performer Qualcomm un2400 broadband Modem, in active 3G speed performanc

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