Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Intel to buy TI's Cable modem venture

Intel has proclaimed of signing a deal to buy Texas Instruments (TI) cable modem manufacturing firm.
The move will aid in boosting the production unit of Intel's Atom microprocessors in consumer electronic devices.
In addition to this the contract will permit Intel to grow in the efforts that will help develop its Atom microprocessors to employ the usage in consumerelectronic devices like the set-top-boxes, smartphones and tablet PCs.
The takeover of Intel would mean Intel will increase a strong competition with rival firms such as Arm Technologies, which offers microprocessors aimed specifically for consumer basedelectronic devices.
The experts claim that if the deal goes smooth, Intel will acquire TI's Puma 5 chips, which will aid in better designing of cable modems which make use of Arm processing cores.
An Intel representative explained: "In the future, we plan to power the Puma product with the Intel Atom processor as well as to incorporate the product technology into future Intel SoC (system-on-chip) and platform designs."
Intel stated that the recently clinched deal will be an important part of Intel's Digital Home Group.

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