Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

USB Modem & Internet Sharing

Wireless Access Point want to build my place to the Internet from multiple systems. I have the 17 “iMac Core Duo with OSX on my 10th two sixth place and the setup of this network at my place. I have the USB modem for connecting to the Internet. So I would like to know that I can use the USB modem and use Internet Sharing to activate me. Re: USB Modem & Internet SharingI dont think it is possible to create wireless access points in your home with the USB modem to access the Internet wirelessly in many computer the area. So also dont think about it. you can not share the Internet on multiple computers simultaneously. So do not even try to think to do that. proper use of the Internet with the USB modem on 17 “iMac Core Duo with OSX 10th 6th 2nd Re: USB Modem & Internet SharingYou can only access and exchange on the Internet on multiple system at your site using the wireless router only. To configure the wireless router at home and enjoy the wireless Internet connection on multiple systems without problems. But this can not be with the USB modem Internet device. So try this as soon as possible. Re: USB Modem & Internet SharingI am not quite sure but I think it made the device available that Apple can easily do this for you. Then you can access to the manifold system with the Access Point at your site. But I do not remember the name of the device. So it will be better that you go through the Apple Store and ask for this device. I am sure you will get it from there. Re: USB Modem & Internet SharingI should advise you to get Apple’s AirPort Express device for this purpose. With AirPort Express connected to your DSL or cable modem, up to 10 users to simultaneously surf the Web, send email, annihilate the competition in multiplayer games and much more wire-free. AirPort Express connects people to each other as well. You can wirelessly share photos, movies and other files without having to vex about slow data transmissions.

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