Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

FrontlineSMS / GSM modem stability issues (huawei)

Hi there
We're using FSMS 1.6.14 with a Huawei GSM modem (E1552), and are having stability issues. I would have thought they were driver issues but they seem to be related to the way FSMS deals with the modem as they do not occur when FSMS isn't running. 

- When first connecting the modem, it got into some loop with the network sending "Error: Unknown Message Type" and receiving some message error message FROM the network. This burned through all its credit, at which point we restarted things and the error didn't re-occur. Not sure what happened there. This still happens whenever the network sends some sort of notification or spam, but hasn't looped since.

- More problematically, we can't keep the server running for more than 24hrs without the modem becoming unrecognizable to the system. A complete system restart fixes the problem.

It should be noted that this is after a long and expensive list of other phone and modem options which had worse or no compatibility (becoming unresponsive after a few messages, dropping an unacceptable number of messages, causing system errors etc).

I'm really struggling at this point to use FrontlineSMS; we want to run an SMS service from it but if we can't keep it online, obviously we can't use it.

Does anyone have any tips for system stability, and importantly, does anyone know how I can automatically monitor FSMS's status so that I can automatically deal with FSMS or modem errors if they occur?

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