Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Intel Acquires McAfee and Texas Instruments' Cable Modem Division and Texas Instruments' Cable Modem Division

Well, it seems Intel is in a buying mood lately as it has announced that it has acquired security company McAfee and the cable modem division of Texas Instruments. The McAfee acquisition just happened today while the TI one occured yesterday. Yesterday, Intel announced that it had acquired the rights to purchase the cable modem division of Texas Instruments though terms of that deal were not disclosed. The deal did mention that Intel will use its Atom processors to integrate into the cable modems to help provide OEMs with a powerful means to deliever content. Intel is focused on bringing advanced system-on-chip devices to market and the cable modem division is one pathway to that goal. All current employees of TI's cable modem division can join Intel and become part of that company's Digital Home Group.
The McAfee deal is a little bit different seeing as how McAfee deals primarily in security software for homes and businesses. Intel purchased McAfee for $7.68 billion which comes out to $48 a share. McAfee will be part of Intel's Software and Services group though I think it is a bit odd for Intel to get in on the security side of things. Intel feels that the addition of the security company will help to provide safer products and services when everyone takes those products online. This is a big step for Intel seeing as how it previously didn't feel security was a necessary part of the online experience so whatever has changed, I am all for it.

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