Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Vodafone launches new mobile broadband modem

Vodafone has launched a mobile broadband modem which allows multiple users to connect their devices to the web simultaneously.

The device, known as the Mobile Wi-Fi R201, is now available for no upfront cost on an 18-month data plan from the network operator, which claims to cover 80 per cent of the UK population with its mobile broadband signal.

Customers who commit to paying £25 per month for the device will get a monthly web allowance of 5GB to use, with Wi-Fi enabled products such as laptops, games consoles, music players and tablet PCs all able to connect to it.

According to Vodafone, 5GB of data usage is equivalent to around eight hours of internet browsing, plus sending and receiving 225 emails, every day.

Earlier this month, ABI Research carried out a study which revealed that the UK - along with Indonesia and France - offers some of the cheapest mobile broadband packages in the world

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