Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Robotics -USRobotics Introduces New 56K PCI Express Modem

The new USRobotics 56K PCI (News - Alert) Express Modem, a single lane express fax modem with both full height and low profile brackets, has been launched by USRobotics, a Platinum Equity company and premier provider of Internet access and networking products.

Designed to fit into any available PCI Express 1.1 slot, the new modem, features 1-2-3 installation and an estimated retail price point under $30. It is also approved for applications with computers in multiple regions/countries around the globe.
According to Bruce Swail, CEO at USRobotics, the USR PCIe fax modem is ideal for businesses in multiple locations with point-of-sale and machine-to-machine systems that need a compact dial-up fax modem incorporated into the network. “Simply put, the PCIe fax modem allows companies to have more functionality and more reliability with their computer systems.” He continued, “Many of our customers have upgraded from PCI to PCIe because new systems no longer have PCI, so it’s critical for us to be able to offer them a fax modem that can be easily incorporated into large-scale solutions throughout North America and Europe.”
The USR PCIe fax modem can not only send and receive faxes through the computer but also can simultaneously run other applications. Preferred modem default settings are allowed to be permanently stored by the modem.  It also includes wake-on-ring which allows the connected computer to be in a sleep or idle state until a call is received through the modem.
The time the USR PCIe takes to establish a standard dial-up Internet connection is reduced substantially with the help of Quick Connect, which further makes the POS connection times faster.
With just one installation file for multiple operating systems, the USR PCIe modem is designed for mass installations. This makes it especially ideal for businesses with a high volume of varied computer systems.
Being broadly compatible with Windows systems including POSready, 64 bit, and server systems, the USR PCIe modem has received regulatory approval in both North America and Europe and has qualified for additional worldwide regulatory approvals.
In related news, USRobotics has launched its new telephone line sharing device, the USR Call Director, which will help businesses reduce capital expenditures concerning telephone lines.

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