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Gao Research Inc. ’s Software Modem Connected replaced Ceiva Digital Photo Frame Chipset

To ensure the connectivity of the device automatically updates online photos are available, including the collection of modules of your choice GAO standards ITU-T line CEIVA softmodem V. 34, the software V.42 error correction, and various modules and telephony Linux driver. The software enables digital photo frames are inserted into an existing phone line and silently choose a local number each night to post new photos, without interruption, its telephony service, and no charge on the line.
is “This is a typical scenario, we meet many of our customers,” said Dr. Frank Gao, president of GAO Research Inc. A?? By replacing the modem chipset into their design highly optimized software solution GAO, CEIVA is able to realize significant savings. ”
Jim Sepe, CEIVA Logic CTO, said: “If our members upgrade CEIVA digital photo frame and a difficult decision to change to a software-based solution, we need to make sure we kept the functionality and has remained very competitive. Our choice GAOâ? modem software solution that allows us to do both. “Sepe also mentioned that?? CEIVA results are very satisfactory. The optimization and performance software GAO has far exceeded our expectations and after-sales support is excellent. Â??
GAOâ? S modem software packages and integrated fax includes a complete range of ITU-T modem and fax data pumps and compliance protocols. Modem data pumps include V. 92 V. 90 V. 34 V. 32a / 32 V, V 22a / V. 22 V. 21, and other standards. Fax data pumps include V. 34 V. 17 V. 29 V. 27b, V. 21 and CH. Second GAOâ? S embedded modem and fax software is fully optimized DSPs and microprocessors on platforms including Texas Instruments C5000 Series and C6000, Analog Devices ADSP 218x and Blackfin, ARM7, ARM9 run / D, Pentium and in others.
About GAO Research Inc.
GAO Research Inc., www. gaoresearch. com is the leading embedded software products for communications and DSP microprocessor environments, and one of the fastest growing in Canada. GAOâ? S integrated communication modules are used by telecommunications, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers worldwide. GAO offers its VoIP & FoIP modules, V. 92 and V. 90 7xx with all the help soft-modems, Super G3 & G3-Fax software and voice codecs G. on the broadest range of DSPs and microprocessors. GAOâ? S CEIVA customers Motorola, Samsung, Alcatel, Philips, Telular, Telcordia, OKI, Marconi, Agilent, Siemens, Infineon, AudioCodes, ABB, LG Electronics, Toshiba and other customers worldwide.
About CEIVA Logic, Inc.:
CEIVA Logic, Inc., www. Ceiva. com, is the inventor of the digital photo frame supplier in the world? Framesi link s first and only digital camera? ¢. CEIVA, families and friends for endless slideshows from camera memory cards to display on the Integrated card reader and you will automatically receive photos sent by camera phone or an online CEIVA account. Providing world-class care to personalized customer CEIVA Digital Photo Frames CEIVA and services Pictureplane ® is the only solution to enable effort digital photo display, secure storage and sharing digital photos. CEIVA products are available to Ceiva. com and at select retailers nationwide.

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