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SMS Modem with FREE Bulk SMS Software
Use our Bulk SMS marketing tool with GSM MODEM. Send & Receive any number of SMS using GSM modem / phone connected to your computer either by USB or blue-tooth. This software can send up to 1500 sms/hour. No internet connection required. Very easy to use. Useful for any purpose and SMS marketing. Send unlimited Invitations, Season greetings, customer follow up, payment reminders etc. Fabulous speed of up to 1500 sms / hour… and if you have faster computer and faster GSM modem then speed can be tuned for up to 3000 SMS / hour. Very user friendly application. Some of the features have been specified below.
The key features of the software are :
SMS Features
* Automatically detects the GSM modem connected to your computer.
* If you receive a missed call, software can automatically send the customised SMS to the caller.
* Bulk SMS and Quick SMS.
* Mobile numbers can be imported from .txt, .xls, .mdb file.
* Numbers can be separated by comma, semicolon, new-line etc.. and this software will automatically find the numbers.
* Either send common SMS to all numbers OR send separate SMS to each number automatically.
* Receive incoming SMS from the SIM card.
* You can export the list of mobile numbers from the SMS you have received.
* Complete real-time activity log displays what activity is going on at any moment.
* You can set the timing for auto receive and auto send SMS at any given time interval.
* Email like interface for Inbox, OutBox and Sent Messages.
* Amazing speed. On normal situations up to 1500 SMS per hour… and on fast computer + fast GSM modem you can achieve speed of up to 3000 SMS / hour.
… and several more features which makes this software a true value for any marketing purpose.
GSM MODEM Cost with Bulk SMS Marketing tool is Rs.4,500/- only.
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