Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

CalAmp Supplies NoAA Administration with Wireless Modems

The last few years, because of high increase in global warming, pollution and world population level, getting on time weather information can minimize the effect of environmental disasters. The wireless sensors and sensor networks are also used in agriculture and food production for environmental monitoring, precision agriculture.

CalAmp Corp., a provider of wireless products and services, announced that the U.S. National Oceanic (News - Alert) and Atmospheric Administration has placed a $1.1 million order for CalAmp's T96SR advanced wireless modems.
Scheduled for delivery this year, the wireless data units will be used in NOAA's Automated Surface Observing System which gathers weather information from sensors. The weather sensor data includes temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud height, visibility, dew point, freezing rain detection and precipitation type, all of which are critical to aviation and transportation safety.
Operating at UHF licensed frequencies, these wireless modems provide two-way power control and diagnostic capabilities, in addition to relaying the much-needed weather sensor data.
Rick Nozel, senior VP of Sales and Marketing at CalAmp (News - Alert) said that the environmentally demanding NOAA application requires a robust, high-reliability wireless solution that consistently and dependably delivers the data collected and NOAA turned to CalAmp for the answer, and the company’s engineers responded with a customized, digital wireless modem that helps ensure NOAA can meet the need for mission-critical weather data.
CalAmp develops and markets wireless communications solutions that deliver data, voice and video for critical networked communications and other applications. The Company's two business segments are Wireless DataCom, which serves utility, governmental and enterprise customers, and Satellite, which focuses on the North American Direct Broadcast Satellite market.

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