Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

Publicis Groupe’s Latest Acquisition, the AG2

AG2 is to be renamed AG2 Publicis Modem, as a consequence of a deal struck by Publicis Groupe with Brazil's prominent digital agency.
Publicis Groupe, presently ranks third globally in communications group and has managed to be on the second position in media counsel and buying.
AG2, which started in the year 1999 is currently said to employ around 170 communications specialists, 1,400 individuals and 40 global operations offices.
AG2, a Brazilian firm located in the Porto Alegre, though will be able to hang on to its Chief Executive Officer, Cesar Paz; but the situation will be quite different it seems. Cesar reportedly will be accountable to the Chief Executive of Publicis Brazil, Orlando Marques.
Publicis has affirmed that AG2 will soon be associated with Publicis Modem and hence the name.
While competitive intelligence is one of the Company's main focus as well as strength, the business too has shown a great deal of improvement in interactive experiences and brand management skills.
With time AG2 has proved itself in the market and has emerged out to be a leader.
Bunge Group, Bradesco, Embraer and General Motors are some of AG2's most imperative customers in Brazil.
This new possession says Publicis has been made, keeping in mind its growth and expansion plans in the long run, as the Company aims chiefly at digital and high growth market areas.

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