Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Sprint announces the WiMAX only PCD U1901 USB Modem

Since we're beginning to see more and more cities go live with WiMAX broadband service with Sprint, it would only be natural for the carrier to branch out their USB modem lineup. The number three wireless carrier announced today the WiMAX only PCD U1901 USB modem which will solely rely on 4G connectivity as opposed to widespread 3G – so that means it won't default to Sprint's 3G network when WiMAX is not present. So if you're located in the heart of an area where you know 100 percent that WiMAX is abundant, then you may want to consider picking this one up when it's made available. However, Sprint didn't mention its exact pricing or release date – which should give you some time to think things over if you really require a 3G network to fall back on.

source: Sprint via Mobileburn

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