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High Quality Cellular Modem in Surrey BC

To serve customers in a better way, Acura Embedded has come up with its latest cellular modem called as AcuConnect.  This advanced product comprises of innumerable user-friendly features and has been designed to provide individuals with internet connectivity and a convenient network no matter wherever they go.

Acura Embedded manufactures as well as distributes http://www.acuraembedded.com/ rugged industrial embedded systems in Surrey and neighboring areas in BC Canada. This latest cellular modem of this company is capable of performing excellent even under rough conditions.

Features of AcuConnect include:
•   This device has the capability to hold up numerous clients collectively on a one 3G modem.
•   It matches well with all cellular carriers.
•   Presence of an enhanced external gain antenna.
•   With this cellular modem, one does not require software or drivers.
•   It supports VOIP products.
•   Presence of mobile hotspot.
•   For security, it has features including Firewall, NAPT/ Port Forwarding, SPI, MAC Filter, Anti-Attack, URL Filter etc.
•   Appropriate dimensions with Length: 8.1" , Height: 1.4", Width: 4.5"
•   Comprises of approved data cards.
•   For management, it comprises of features like Status Monitoring, Web GUI, Setup Wizard, 3G/4G WWAN Session.

This way, this latest cellular modem introduced by Acura Embedded is high technology based and offers superior results.

http://www.acuraembedded.com/ Acura Embedded Systems is a reputed manufacturer and distributer of high quality rugged industrial computers in Surrey and other adjoining areas in BC. Its prominent products include mobile computers, cellular modems, monitors, software and accessories. All its products are technologically advanced and offer excellent performance.
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