Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

T-Mobile relaunches its half-price mobile broadband dongle offer

great offer from UK mobile internet provider, T-Mobile will enable new customers to get a dongle (USB modem stick) for just £8.99.

The ISP has reduced the cost of dongle from £19.99 to just £8.99 for its Pay Per Day deal customers who will need to pay just a one-off fee of £8.99 (for the USB modem) and £10 top-up.
This Pay As You Go package comes with a download speed of ‘upto’ 7.2Mbps, unlimited access (fair usage applies) and one month FREE mobile internet with the purchase of  first £2 top-up for a day’s use.
T-Mobile provides its PAYG customers with a flexible range of top-up options – £2 for a day, £7 for one week or £15 for 30 days.
The customers who do not want to go for longer contracts can also consider the ISP’s 3 month mobile broadband offer which includes £39.99 upfront fee, free dongle and unlimited access.
Recently, the mobile broadband provider, Orange (T-Mobile’s sister company) has announced that its pay monthly packages will be capped with a set download limit. Orange’s move came just after its competitors O2 and 3 Mobile have made similar changes in response to the new marketing standards to be proposed by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Ofcom.

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